Armed Men Clad in Body Armor Arrested at Walmart, Claim They Were Preparing for Armageddon

Two men and a woman in a Kentucky Walmart parking lot were questioned by police after a passerby saw they were armed.

Several people who showed up at a Kentucky Walmart parking lot while heavily armed explained to police over the weekend that they were innocently preparing for the end of days.

A concerned citizen called Lexington Police to the store late Saturday night after spotting what he believed to be firearms and body armor in a vehicle with several young people inside.

When police arrived, they confirmed much of what the caller said, as well as a 6-month-old baby.

The 26-year-old driver was carrying a loaded AK-47 and was wearing a camouflage bulletproof vest, with a .357 Magnum strapped to his waist, according to police.

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Lexington PD Public Information Officer Brenna Angel told that, while unnerving to the caller, the group was not doing anything illegal.

According to Angel, the driver had recently purchased the weapons and vest after receiving a settlement following a car accident.

The driver, his 20-year-old girlfriend and a 19-year-old male friend agreed to go to a police station with their young baby for questioning. It was there that they explained they wanted to be prepared for what they believe to be the impending end of days, though Angel said they weren't interested in going into detail.

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"They were just of the mindset," Angel told

In addition to the weapons, police reportedly discovered a very small amount of marijuana in the car. Angel said the officers chose not to issue a citation after the group was "so cooperative."

However, a report of officers' interaction with the couple and photos of their car and weapons was forwarded to social services due to the presence of the infant. 

Angel stressed that these people weren't a danger to the public, but rather heavily armed proud shoppers. She told that the driver was at the Walmart to pick up a friend and show him his new weapons and tactical gear.

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