3 Cops and 2 Civilians Spring Into Action to Rescue Man Trapped in Car After He Drove Into Lake

It was a race against time to get this man out of his sinking car.

Three police officers and 2 civilians jumped into a Michigan lake to save a man who drove off the road after suffering a medical emergency.

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It was a race against time as the saviors aided the man on Lake St. Clair Monday.

“Time was of the essence. The gentleman was trapped inside his vehicle and it was slowly submerging as the minutes went by,” Officer Keith Colombo of the Grosse Point Farm Police Department said.

They used rocks and an axe to smash the windows and pull the man out after he fell unconscious.

Officer Andrew Rogers said: “You could see he was breathing. He was knocked out. As the water is going up, the second the water hit his chin, he opened his eyes. He was still out of it but at least he regained some consciousness."

They cut the man's seatbelt and pulled him out but even that was a struggle.

“His shoe was hooked on the steering wheel,” Officer Michael Scott said. “I was able to get his shoe off and we were able to pull him on shore.”

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Almost immediately after he was removed from the 2015 Cadillac, the unnamed man’s vehicle was fully submerged in water.

The modest officers said they were just doing their jobs and would do it again.

“We're not heroes, it's what we do,” they said.

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