Wife of Daredevil Who Survived 25,000-Foot Freefall Without a Parachute: He Fulfilled His Dream

She told Inside Edition how thankful she is that he landed safely.

The wife of the daredevil who spit in the face of death after jumping 25,000 feet out of a plane without a parachute is speaking out.

Monica Aikins told Inside Edition that she "wanted to go over and give him the biggest hug" when it was all done.

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She added: "We did it his way. His dream of doing it with no parachute." 

There were concerns that Luke Aikins’ stunt was just too extreme for live TV. The union overseeing the show wanted him to wear a parachute but changed its mind at the last minute.

Luke told Inside Edition: "I am not crazy but it is crazy when I rewatch it." 

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He said he never had any second thoughts doing the jump. "Once your foot leaves the plane you are in it, you are committed. You can't take a second," he said.  

He hit his target — A 100-foot by 100-foot net that saved him from certain death and leaving him a place in the record books. He is the first person to jump from a plane without a parachute and survive.

It wasn't quite a bull's-eye in the net, as Luke landed near a corner, but he'll take it.

"Not exactly centered but inside the net," he said. 

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