Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Back on the Red Carpet

Michael Douglas is returning to the public eye with his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, after battling stage four throat cancer. INSIDE EDITION caught up with Zeta-Jones on the red carpet.

It's a triumphant return for Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

"We haven't been out for awhile," said Zeta-Jones. 

"Exactly. I've been kind of laying low for the last six months," said Douglas.

It's Douglas's first public appearance since he announced he has beaten stage four throat cancer.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the golden couple at the Palm Springs Film Festival where Douglas was presented the Icon award.

Zeta-Jones looked stunning as always, wearing a crimson colored floor-length gown accented by teardrop earrings.

Her smiles today are a far cry from when we saw her last September. She was distraught at JFK airport where paparazzi videotaped her after she learned Michael had just started radiation treatment.

There's no question radiation treatment took its toll on Douglas, but Zeta-Jones tells INSIDE EDITION it was tough on her as well.

"I think any spouse or caregiver who has been close to anybody who has had cancer, any serious disease, it's a hard road and you have to find the strength, which somehow you do, and carry on and be strong," said Zeta-Jones.

And this weekend Michael Douglas is expected to step out again for the Golden Globes where he's up for Best Supporting Actor for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.