Daughter Travels 5,000 Miles to Surprise Mom on Her Birthday After 2 Years Away

Kate Visser recorded her mom's response.

After two years apart, this daughter gave her mom the perfect birthday surprise.

Kate Visser, who moved to England with her husband in 2014, told her mother, Wendy Rice, that she could not afford to fly back to Oregon to celebrate her birthday this year.

But it was one big lie.

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Visser, 23, secretly flew 5,000 miles to the U.S. — but continued texting her mom photos and videos from the U.K. so that she wouldn't suspect a thing.

As she approached her mom's house, she started recording. 

"I started filming when I was a block away," Visser told Caters News. "I was so nervous and shaky. After knocking the door my heart was beating out of my chest."

But it went off without a hitch.

"Oh my god!" her mom could be heard screaming before the door was even open. "Katelyn!"

Rice embraced her daughter for the first time in years.

"I was so scared she was going to have a heart attack or heart problems because of the shock from seeing me but really wanted to make her day," Visser said.

"I later found out my mom genuinely didn't believe it was me on the doorstep, she thought someone was pretending to be me — she really couldn't believe I was there."

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Her mom said she was overjoyed when she realized it was, indeed, her daughter.

"I was in absolute disbelief," Rice said. "It scared me, because how could that be possible? She was just in England a few hours ago... It was such an amazing surprise to see her in front of me after so long."

Visser said she loves replaying the video.

"I can't watch it with a straight face, it makes my heart feel all warm and I was so glad she loved my little surprise."

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