Woman Left Penniless After Ruining Her Car to Save Kitten Stuck Behind Dashboard

Denise Williford-Neal of Vero Beach said she could hear her poor kitten purring from underneath her car's dashboard for 20 hours.

When a poor feline disa-purr-ed under the hood of a Florida woman's car, she was happy to tear the vehicle apart, piece by piece, all to save one of her kitty's nine lives. 

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Denise Williford-Neal of Vero Beach said she could hear her poor kitten purring from underneath her car's dashboard for twenty hours.

"I was worried about the heat of the day," Williford-Neal said in an interview with WPEC.

She took to Facebook, asking everyone she could for advice, or help, to no avail. 

In an effort to save the newly adopted kitten, mechanics dropped by and started taking the car apart, piece by piece.

Eventually she was given an ultimatum — either her cat survives or her car does.

According to the mechanics who responded to the scene, the dashboard needed to be torn out, and the firewall had to be cut open, which would leave her vintage Monte Carlo totaled and unable to be driven again.

But Williford-Neal didn't even hesitate to say, "yes, cut it."

Twenty hours after getting stuck, the kitten was rescued.

In honor of the 1995 Monte Carlo, Williford-Neal named the cat, Monte.

Though she traded the $600 car to save a kitten she adopted for free, she said it was worth every penny.

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But the woman's boyfriend did not share her view on the rescue.

In an emotional Facebook post, Pat Padgett clearly did not share her view, writing: "With the blink of an eye, got my car ripped apart cuz a little kitten got stuck in a firewall of the only transportation we got."

The couple is now raising money for a new car through a GoFundMe campaign.

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