Former Hooters Waitress Killed By Stalker

A young former Hooters waitress was stalked and then murdered by a patron from the restaurant. INSIDE EDITION has the story

Police received a chilling 911 call from the scene of a horrific shooting.

23-year-old Alissa Blanton was shot dead by a 61-year-old gunman who became obsessed with her when she worked as a waitress in an Orlando-area Hooters restaurant.  

The 911 caller described the dramatic scene:

Caller: "Oh, my God! I was driving into work, parked in my vehicle and I saw this gentleman shooting this woman several times and then I ducked my head because I didn't want him to see me and shoot me. And then it looked like he probably shot himself because he was lying on the ground next to her!  Oh my God!"

Gunman Roger Troy had been stalking the former Hooters waitress for two years.

"He was stopping by her new workplace. She said he followed her to the beach, to her house, leaving letters on her front lawn addressed to her new husband," says reporter Mike Deforest of WKMG.

She got married to her husband, Brent, six months ago. The stalker sent her a series of angry e-mails. One said: "I really did love you to bits." In another he wrote: "I have nothing to lose only you do."

She sought a restraining order and a court hearing was set for mid-February.

In court documents obtained by INSIDE EDITION she charged: "Roger always tried to walk me to my car at the end of the night but he would stand and talk and hug me and so on."

Attractive Hooters girls in their recognizable white tank tops and orange shorts are the main draw at the global restaurant chain. There is even a Hooters casino in Las Vegas, along with beauty pageants and calendars.  

But one customer's obsession with a Hooters girl led to tragedy.

Alissa had filed for an order of protection. Rather than grant it right away, Brevard Circuit Judge Dean Moxley set a hearing for February 16th on the matter. Victim advocates say that probably pushed Roger Troy over the edge.