Boy Killed While Shooting A Machine Gun At A Gun Expo

As gun violence is on the nation's mind after the Tucson shooting, INSIDE EDITION reports on one young boy who was killed after firing a machine gun at a shooting facility.

It was supposed to be a fun day for 8-year-old Christopher Bizilj, he was going to fire off a real UZI machine gun.

But seconds after a video was taken, the gun recoiled and Christopher was dead, with a bullet to the head.

The tragedy was caught on tape by Chris's own father, Charles Bizilj who is an emergency room doctor. He was right there but even he could do nothing to save his little boy's life.

Charles said, "His eyes were open I tried to talk to him but he did not respond."

The accident happened at a machine gun expo in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Events like these take place all over the country. Gun enthusiasts trying out powerful automatic weapons and children are welcome. Justine Judge, a reporter at WSHM-TV rushed to the scene the day Christopher died.

"There were families there, people with their children mothers fathers all kinds of people were at this event," said Judge.

Dr. Bizilj had taken his two sons 8-year-old Christopher and 10-year-old Colin. Colin was the first to fire.

He can barely handle the powerful weapon, an instructor holds him steady as he fires at a mound of pumpkins.

Then it's Christopher's turn, but the gun jams. The instructor himself only 15-years-old fixes the jam then hands the gun back to Christopher. We won't show you what happens next. It's just too upsetting, but and a split second later Christopher lay dying.

A former police chief, Edward Fleury was charged for involuntary manslaughter because he organized the event. He was found pleaded not guilty. But Dr. Bizilj is also facing criticism.

Many people go so far as to say the father is also responsible because he brought his kid to the machine gun shoot.

Dr. Bizilj may not have been charged, but the memory of watching his little boy die will surely haunt him forever.