Mom With Breast Cancer Gets Matching Head Tattoos With Daughter Who Shaved Off Her Hair in Solidarity

"We'll never be bald again. That's the only time that skin is going to be bare and visible so we might as well put something on it," her daughter said.

Blood is thicker than water, but it's ink that that makes the bond of this inseparable mother and daughter even more special.

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Victoria Vargas of El Paso, Texas, told that when her mom was faced with her second battle against breast cancer, she wanted to show her full support.

So she shaved her head in solidarity with her mom. Then, she suggested they get matching tattoos.

Bright pink bows, permanently inked to their bald heads.

"We'll never be bald again, together, ever in our lives," Vargas insisted. "That's the only time that skin is going to be bare and visible, so we might as well put something on it."

Her mom, Veronica Quintanilla, told that she calls it, "a little treat at the end of a horrible journey."

Quintanilla, 47, said the first time she battled breast cancer, her kids were 4, 6, and 8.

"It was hard," she said. "As a mother, you want to protect your children."

When the cancer returned, Quintanilla said her silver lining was her eldest daughter, Vargas.

"The last time she went through this, I was a lot younger so I didn't fully understand," the 21-year-old said. "Now that I'm a lot older, I got to see behind the scenes. It gave me an insight to what my mom's going through."

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When she had time off from her job as a hairdresser, Vargas accompanied her mom to chemotherapy treatments, where they grew closer.

"It was a comfort to have my daughter right there next to me," Quintanilla said. "I could let my guard down and just be me."

Though Quintanilla's journey against breast cancer is not quite over, "I feel like I can take whatever life throws at me," with steadfast support from her loving daughter.

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