Baby Masters Every Olympic Event In Heartwarming Photo Shoot

Olympic athletes begin their training young, especially for 1-year-old Rockwell who seems to have mastered every event.

Olympic athletes begin their training young and that's especially the case for this 1-year-old who's apparently mastered every event from long jump to the balance beams.

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In a gold-medal worthy photo shoot with dad Alan Lawrence of That Dad Blog, baby Rockwell from Paradise, Utah tries out for different Olympic events.

Little Rockwell's personal favorite was the rings.


"He was just laughing and having a good time," Lawrence told

Lawrence said he grew up in a family that was never interested in the festivities until the 2002 Winter Olympics were hosted in his home state.

That's when he knew he wanted to share the Olympic magic with his six kids.

To recreate the winning moments, Lawrence explained he held his son in place and took a photo before Photoshopping himself out of the image.

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In one of the pictures, he jokes, "A true athlete digs deep for his team, even if it means getting a little sand in his diaper."

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