Driver Who Miraculously Survived After His Car Flipped Multiple Times Reunites With His Rescuer

Footage of Joe Myers' crash went viral.

The Florida driver who miraculously survived his car rolling over several times is lucky to be alive and is thanking his rescuers for their help.

Joe Myers, 43, was rescued by good Samaritans in DeLand, Florida, on Sunday, after his car went out of control. Footage of the incident became the talk of social media. 

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He spoke to Inside Edition from his home as he continues to recover from his injuries. One of his rescuers, Keland King, paid him a visit as he recovered.

“A crash like that, it's really horrifying. And for somebody to be able to survive that without anything really wrong with him is great,” King told Inside Edition. “There was a higher power that watched over him and kept him alive.”

King said that seeing the car accident was “like a video game you were watching on TV -- but you were right there watching it.”

The good Samaritan said that when he and other rescuers got to the car, Myers was in the passenger seat and not the driver’s seat. Due to the rolling around inside the vehicle, he was tossed around to another section of the car.

Myers added: “If it hadn't been for those guys, I wouldn't be here. The seatbelt saved my life, but they saved my life, too.”

Myers, who lives near Orlando, told Inside Edition he had a seizure at the wheel of his car and has no memory of the accident and dramatic rescue.

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He has no broken bones after the car flipped, but he said: “My hands are cut up, a little bit on my arms. I’ve got a couple of staples in my head and in my shoulder.”

He said his life was spared due to a miracle. “There has to have been an angel there,” he said. 

His mother, Sondra, told Inside Edition that she is “so thankful he is alive.” She also said that for three days after the incident, he had no idea who she was.

Almost a week later, she said that “he is back to normal,” despite his injuries.

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