Dad Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter After His 16-Month-Old Twins Die In Hot Car

Asa North tried to revive the girls by putting them in a filled inflatable pool, according to witnesses.

Two 16-month-old twins have died after their father allegedly left them alone in a hot car in Georgia.

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The father, 24-year-old Asa North, was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct on Friday, according to authorities.

After the children were pulled from the car, North attempted to revive his daughters by putting them in a filled inflatable pool behind their apartment, witnesses told police.

“We do not know how long they were in the car before they were discovered," Capt. Chris Dobbs of the Carrollton Police Department told "This morning is their autopsy. We hope to be able to get more info on how long they were in the car to getter a better timeline."

Neighbors were alarmed when they heard screaming, he said.

“No one has come forward saying they saw the father pull the kids from car. But they heard screaming and saw him running from the front of his home with the kids to the back of the apartment where the inflatable pool was,” he said.

“They noticed him putting them in the swimming pool. One neighbor came out with ice packs from their freezers, trying to get their temperature down,” he said.

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When officers arrived, the twins were unresponsive. The twins died at the hospital.

Dobbs said alcohol could have played a part. “We believe alcohol played a factor in not remembering they were in the car…We obtained search warrants for his BAC [blood alcohol concentration]. We did not get the results back," he said.

Another person at the scene was admitted to Tanner Medical Center "for his level of intoxication," Dobbs said.

“They were drinking all day [is] what we believe,” he said.

The twins’ mother, who is not married to North but lives with him, was not in town at the time, he said.

“The mother’s sister was in a serious accident in Atlanta and in the hospital. She left earlier to go to see her sister,” he said.

North has other children that are in the custody of their mother, he said.

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