French Gymnast Snaps Leg In Sickening Mishap, Then Dropped While On Stretcher

Samir Ait Said landed awkwardly on a vault, causing his tibia to snap so loudly it echoed through the Rio arena.

A French gymnast's Olympic dreams came to an end on Saturday with an injury so sickening that many audience members had to look away.

Samir Ait Said was attempting two backflips over a vault when he landed awkwardly and snapped his tibia in half.

The force of the break made a sound so loud it echoed through the arena, witnesses said.

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Adding insult to the horrific injury, Said was dropped while strapped to a stretcher as he was being loaded into an ambulance.

Mais noooooooooon....

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Said was taken to a Rio hospital, where he remained overnight Saturday, the AP reports.

What's more, this is the second time the 26-year-old has suffered such a devastating blow.

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While training for the London games, Said was attempting a similar maneauver in the same event and broke his other leg.

With just weeks to go before the 2012 Olympiad, Said was out of the running.

Now, he's been knocked off his elite perch once again, his hopes for a medal in his signature event dashed.

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