John Kasich Believes Trump Wanted to Offer Him 'Most Powerful Vice Presidency in History'

The Ohio governor and presidential also-ran says one of his aides was contacted by Donald Trump Jr. about being his running mate.

John Kasich has confirmed reports that presidential candidate Donald Trump wanted to offer him the vice president spot that ultimately went to Mike Pence. 

What's more, Kasich told CNN's Jake Tapper that the billionaire's son, Donald Trump Jr., contacted one of his aides after clinching the nomination and floated the offer of becoming the most powerful VP in history.

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"That's what one of them has told me, yes," Kasich said of his aide.

The interview comes at a tough time for Trump, who lags nearly 10 points behind Clinton in some national polls. It's also come after reports emerged around the time of the RNC convention that Trump plans to let his vice president do the heavy lifting in the White House should he win.

The Trump campaign has denied the reports that Kasich was offered the vice presidency and called the rumors "completely ridiculous."

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Either way, Kasich told Tapper he never wanted the position, anyway.

"I never considered it... I'd be the worst vice president. I have too many opinions," the governor said.

Kasich, who was the last candidate standing before Trump swept the primary, has thus far declined to endorse the bilionaire.

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