Researchers Create First Ever 3D-Printed Beak for Injured Goose

Researchers suspected the goose was attacked by dogs when they discovered her with a severely damaged beak.

This poor goose was discovered with a severely broken beak, but after 45 days of intensive research and grueling surgeries, she became the first goose in the world to receive a 3D-printed beak.

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According to Brazilian researchers, biologist Cristian Negrão found Vitoria with her beak already damaged. They suspected the goose was either attacked by dogs, or severely beaten.

Vitoria was unable to eat, and had been rapidly losing weight by the time she was found.

Brazilian 3D designer Cicero Moraes immediately got to work with his team of surgeons and researchers to fit a temporary beak for the injured goose so she would be able to eat.

After 15 days of research and surgery, Moraes told they were able to fit her for a temporary 3D-printed prosthetic. Afterward, he began the complicated process of creating a permanent beak.

A second surgery followed, but Moraes said the prosthetic didn't end up working well when the prosthetic was placed on the goose.

To make matters worse, Vitoria came down with a case of pneumonia, and treatment disrupted the timeline of their surgeries.

But a third surgery was a success. Moraes said they were able to solve structural problems, and Vitoria was quickly on the road to recovery, regaining the ability to eat on her own.

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She will live out the rest of her days in the countryside of Ilha Comprida, just south of Sao Paolo.

Moraes assured that Negrão, the man who originally rescued Vitoria, will continue to care for her daily.

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