Social Worker Calls 911 to Report Officer After She's Pulled Over: 'This Man Is Twisting My Arm'

Earledreka White was charged with resisting arrest in the confrontation with the officer.

A Texas motorist said she was so terrified of a police officer during a routine traffic stop that she called 911 on him.

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Earledreka White was pulled over in March in downtown Houston after she allegedly crossed a solid line. The 28-year-old claims she did not. Video of the incident has recently surfaced.

She says she got out of the car because her license was in her purse in the trunk. The police officer ordered her to get back in the vehicle.

She says that after so many deadly confrontations between police officers and African Americans in recent months, she was terrified.

"He got out of the car with handcuffs out, using very vulgar language. I didn’t feel safe, that is why I called 911," White told Inside Edition. 

She called 911 to report the traffic stop and told the dispatcher: “I would like another officer to come out here. My heart is racing. I'm really afraid. I'm calling to report harassment by a police officer."

White told Inside Edition: "What you cannot hear in the background of the 911 call is him yelling and screaming at me to get off the phone."

That's when the officer, Gentian Luca, moved in and tried to handcuff her. She screamed: "This man is twisting my arm. Get off me, please!"

The officer struggled to overpower the woman. When he finally subdued her, she was charged with resisting arrest.

White spent two days in jail. She called it a "horrible experience," adding: "I wouldn't want criminals to go through what I went through." 

The police officer in White's case has been cleared of any wrongdoing, with his bosses saying he did everything reasonable within the law.

Luca was not disciplined and not put on leave during the investigation. He currently remains on duty. 

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The social worker has pleaded not guilty.

"I will never say that I did everything right [in the traffic stop]. I feel as though I acted as a human being would," she told Inside Edition. 

Security expert Steve Kardian viewed the footage and told Inside Edition: "Listen to what the police officer says. If you get the ticket, take the ticket. If you got it right, go to the supervisor or go to court."

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