Granddaughter of Rocker Dee Snider Born on Side of Highway: 'My Wife Just Had the Baby in the Car'

Jesse Snider, son of the Twisted Sister frontman, announced the birth via Instagram.

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider welcomed a new granddaughter into the world over the weekend, but her birth was anything but normal.

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Parker Pryde Snider, the daughter of his son, singer-songwriter Jesse, was born on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles Sunday.

While driving to the hospital, Jesse took to Instagram to share the big news, saying, "my wife just had the baby in the car." 

Jesse, a singer / songwriter, and his wife, Patty, who have three other children, called this one their "easiest" birth. Patty was already breastfeeding their newborn as they were driving. 

Dee Snider, who is currently on tour in Europe with Twisted Sister, told Inside Edition: "This kid knows how to make an entrance."

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