Just Horsing Around: A Filly Insists on Getting Its Behind Scratched

This baby horse got back.

A six-week-old horse loves getting its rear end scratched, and it's become a full-time job for her human owner.

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The filly, named Maria, was filmed at her new home where she will be raised to be a race horse. Maria insisted that her owner keep scratching her behind as she relaxes in the grass.

When the owner began to walk away, she cries "foal" and runs straight for him, kicking him in his rear end as if asking for more.

The owner obliges and begins scratching again.

The video, posted to YouTube by the niece of the horse's owner, said: “We did not, and would not, attempt to get her to repeat the kick. We were much more careful walking away from her after that.”

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The niece added: "As my uncle's other horses have been successfully trained, I fully expect her to have a healthy respect for humans by the time she is bigger and more capable of serious damage."

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