Lawmaker's Son, 10, Suffered 'Fatal Neck Injury' On World's Tallest Water Slide, Cops Reveal

Caleb Schwab died at a Kansas water park on Sunday and witness accounts say he looked to have been decapitated.

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The Kansas boy who was killed tragically at a water park on Sunday suffered a "fatal neck injury," police have revealed.

Authorities in Kansas City say Caleb Schwab, the son of a state politician, was killed while riding Verrückt, a water slide dubbed the tallest on Earth.

Meanwhile, at least one wintess reportedly says the boy was actually decapitated. 

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Police say Schwab was one of three people in a raft as it dropped 168 feet. The two women in the raft with Caleb were unrelated to him and suffered minor facial injuries, police said.

Our deepest condolences to the entire Schwab family on their loss.

— Terry Zeigler (@KCKPDChief) August 9, 2016

The police statement on the tragedy does not say what caused Caleb's death, but it does indicate the fatal injury occurred "at the end" of the ride. 

Caleb was discovered in pool at the bottom of Verrückt.

It was there that Esteban Castaneda noticed the boy appeared to have been decapitated, he told reporters.

Castaneda also said he rode the slide earlier in the day with a 14-year-old family member who told him her Velcro harness came undone toward the end of the ride.

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A statement from the park, Schlitterbahn Kansas City, referred all questions regarding the investigation to police. 

Schlitterbahn is tentatively scheduled to reopen on Wednesday, the statement said. Verrückt, named for the German word for "insane," remains closed.

Kansas City Police have declined to give interviews or press conferences regarding the investigation, which they say is ongoing.

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