Paramedic Puts on Ebola Biohazard Suit to Protect Himself from Skunk

Justin Mausz from Toronto said he was trying to rescue a skunk who got its head trapped inside a cup, but he didn't want to get sprayed.

Getting sprayed by a skunk stinks, which is why this man decided to put on an Ebola biohazard suit to protect himself. 

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Toronto paramedic Justin Mausz said during the Ebola outbreak, each paramedic was given a protective suit, known as "Enhanced Personal Protective Equipment."

The 14-piece suit, Mausz explained, normally takes 5 minutes to put on, and is designed to keep out deadly infectious diseases.

While the threat of Ebola never arrived to their community, Mausz became the first paramedic in his unit to don the suit—as protection against a poor skunk that somehow got its head trapped in a cup.

"I didn't want to get sprayed," he joked.

He said he and his partner spotted the trapped skunk at the beginning of their shift in a parking lot, and while they wanted to free it, he didn't want to ruin the uniform he would wear the rest of the day.

So he put on part of his Ebola biohazard suit—just enough to protect his uniform—and approached the skunk with caution.

"I don't have a lot of experience with skunks," Mausz explained. "I didn't know what its spray threshold was. In the confusion, it might not realize I was trying to help it."

The task to remove the cup from the skunk's head seemed simple, but Mausz ran into some moments of panic.

"Somehow, I got cornered [behind] its rear end," he told, "it raised its tail like it was going to spray, and I couldn't figure out which way to run."

Luckily, the paramedic managed to dodge the spray of the skunk and removed the cup from its head unharmed.

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This was the second time Mausz said he had to rescue a small animal while on duty in the 11 years he has been a paramedic.

He was once called to a fire scene to rescue an unconscious cat covered in soot.

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