18 Sets of Twin Tots Gather for a Massive Photo With the Easter Bunny

Only two of the 36 twins under the age of 2 were crying in the picture.

This photo, filled with 18 sets of twin tots, is sure to bring double the Easter fun.

Thirty-six sets of twins, all under the age of 2, gathered together at a Schaumburg, Ill., shopping mall last month to take a picture with the Easter Bunny.

“They’ll definitely think we’re crazy for getting this many kids together, but this is a normal thing for us,” one of the moms, Dee Knoll, told InsideEdition.com.

Knoll, who is the mom of 16-month-old Meadow and Grace, is part of a play and support group known as the "Chicago Twin Moms."

The moms and their many twin babies get together for a play date about once a month.

Most recently, they gathered for a photo session with the Easter Bunny at the Woodfield Mall.

"We just created a play date and [nearly] 20 moms showed up with sets of twins, and here we are in all this chaos and fun with the Easter Bunny," Knoll said.

Stacey Kifer, the mom of 16-month-old Kaleb and Kobe, added, "They did awesome getting everyone to look, and I think all but one or two kids are looking in the photo."

And, another marker of success might be that only two of the 36 babies cried while the photo was being taken.

"It’s definitely twice the work," Knoll said. "You’re chasing two different kids that want to go in two different directions."

Their latest attempt at a nice holiday picture follows after the group’s photo with Santa Claus last year, where they had 10 sets of twins gather around a very exhausted-looking Saint Nick.

"We definitely need a moms' night out," Knoll joked.