Anonymous 'Secret Santa' Gives $5,000 to Couple Who Lost One of Their Twins at Birth

The couple's other twin, a boy, is still fighting for his life.

A generous Secret Santa has brought much-needed cheer to an Idaho family this festive season.

Matt Breyman and his wife, Cassy, received $5,000 from an anonymous donor after recently losing one of their twins 15 minutes after she was born. The other twin is still being treated in hospital.

Breyman could only say "wow" as he was surprised with the check by news reporter Nate Eaton.

"My wife and I were expecting twins," Breyman, who works for a trucking company, told the news station. "She delivered them at 23 weeks. Our daughter Audrey didn't make it. She passed away."

Audrey's brother, Tim, will remain in Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, for another two months, Breyman said. His wife is in Utah with the baby, while Breyman has remained in Idaho Falls to work and care for their toddler son, Calvin.

"These amazing people continue to stay positive and hopeful in the face of separation, fear, exhaustion and a mountain of debt," a friend told "I can’t think of anyone more deserving of help for their Tiny Tim than the Breymans."

Breyman was surprised with the donation at work.

"Hopefully that $5,000 will help for those medical bills," Eaton told him.

The surprise was made possible thanks to a Secret Santa who has teamed up with to donate a total of $200,000 to local families in need. Among them is a father of four with ALS, who recently received a surprise donation of $10,000.

The Secret Santa does not wish to be identified.