18-Year-Old Quarterback From New Jersey Scores 8 Touchdowns the Day After His Mother Passed Away

Alexander Brown is the quarterback of a high school football team in Red Bank, New Jersey. 

Alexander Brown scored not one, not two, but eight touchdowns in one night.

"I still can't believe it," the high school quarterback said. "I don't think many people in their high school careers can barely get up to four in a game, and to get up to eight, breaking records and stuff, I can't even grasp it."

Alex is the quarterback of a high school football team in Red Bank, New Jersey. 

He believes he played so well that night because his mother, who died the day before, was with him in spirit. 

"I definitely felt her on the field with me," he said. "As soon as I stepped on that field, I could feel a presence.

"And right after I threw that first touchdown pass, I looked into the sky, and I just said, 'Thank you, mom,' because I knew that she was going to be with me the whole night." 

Michelle Brown passed away from breast cancer, and Alex spent nearly 15 years of his childhood watching his mom in pain but still staying strong for her kids. 

"She was meant to give people hope, and she was meant to give people strength," he said.

Alex believes sharing her story of perseverance is another victory 

"I don't want people to get sad," he stated. "I want people to take it in and just understand that you should always keep fighting and fighting for the people that you love and fighting for the things you believe in. And I think that's what she would want."

And perhaps that's the drive that keeps Alex scoring all these touchdowns.

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