Puppy That Was Trapped Under Rubble Reunites With Its Mom After Rescue

After a devastating storm hit a village in India, a poor puppy could be heard crying from under a collapsed hut.

After a devastating storm hit a village in India, a stray puppy could be heard crying from under a collapsed hut.

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Brave volunteers arrived to rescue the pooch from under sheets of metal and roofing once the weather cleared up. They can be seen in a video by Animal Aid Unlimited maneuvering around the rubble and pulling the poor pup out.

Officials estimated the puppy couldn’t have been more than a month old. While she was unharmed from the accident, they said she was hungry, scared and in need of her mother.

Volunteers wrapped the pup in a blanket and walked her around the village until they located the mother dog, which immediately emerged from bushes to be reunited with her pup.

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The mother dog could be seen in footage by Animal Aid Unlimited promptly picking up her puppy and bringing her back to her den. Volunteers fed the mother dog as she nursed her baby back to health.

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