Olympic Diving Pool in Rio Mysteriously Turns Green

Officials have confirmed the cause of change.

What a difference a day makes – the water in the Olympic diving pool went from blue to green in less than a 24 hours.

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On Monday, the water in the diving pool at Rio’s Maria Lenk Aquatic Center was clear blue.

By Tuesday it had mysteriously turned green, baffling everyone, including divers competing in the water. 

British diver Tom Daley posted on Twitter: “Ermmmm… What happened?!’

Olympic officials released a statement ahead of Tuesday night’s dives to say that the water was still safe, but they could not yet explain the color change.

Organizing committee spokesman Mario Andrada told CBS News: “We don't know exactly what happened. And we don't know yet why the pool changed colors. If it were green and yellow, we would know it was a patriotic thing. We did test the water using the same parameters we do every day, and the results were exactly the same as we got when the pool was blue."

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But by Wednesday the cause was clear, Andrada said, telling the Associated Press that the water changed color because of “a proliferation of algae.” It was caused due to the heat, humidity and lack of wind entering the outdoor venue, authorities said.

Officials have added chemical agents to the water to clear up the algae, returning the water to its usual color.

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