Ricky Gervais Weighs In On Golden Globe Critics

Ricky Gervais is speaking out about his turn as Golden Globes host that some say was too mean-spirited. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Ricky Gervais is still seeing gold! The edgy golden globes host poses in gold lamé boxer briefs, a pair of sunglasses and, well that's it.  

Gervais posted a revealing photo on his blog, another sign that he is not hanging his head in shame after his controversial hosting gig. Gervias is calling reports that he was scolded and even fired in the middle of the awards show  "utter rubbish."

Gervias is explaining his hour long absence during the second half of the broadcast this way, "The reason why the gaps were uneven is because I was allowed to choose who I presented to. I obviously chose the spots that I had the best gags for."
Joan Rivers joined the chorus of celebrities praising his performance and said he was great. Robert Downy Jr. is praising Gervais as a "hugely gifted guy" even after being the butt of one of his harshest jokes.

But the Hollywood Foreign Press Association released a statement saying, Gervais "Pushed the envelope and occasionally went too far." Adding, "When you hire a comedian like Ricky Gervais, one expects in your face, sometimes outrageous material."

Meantime, new details are emerging about star secrets you didn't see on the Golden Globes.  

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks reportedly panicked in the ballroom moments before the show. When she noticed she lost a 200 karat diamond bracelet borrowed from jewelry designer Chopard. The voluptuous beauty is said to have run back to the red carpet where fortunately, she found the sparkling bangle worth $850,000.

We've also learned that Hendricks co-star January Jones, who looked red-hot in a cutout Versace, quietly broke up with her boyfriend Saturday Night Live's cast member Jason Sudeikis. But, Jones didn't look lonely, she spent time with another funny man, Jason Segal of How I Met Your Mother, at the HBO after party.  

There's sad news for Laura Linney who won the best actress golden globe for The Big C. Her father died the day before the show which is why she wasn't there to accept her award.