Christie Brinkley Slams Trump Supporters: 'You're Complicit in His Racism'

The model criticized people who support the GOP candidate beneath an Instagram image of Trump's daughter.

Christie Brinkley is letting her feelings about Trump be known.

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After Harper’s BAZAAR shared a photograph of Ivanka Trump from its upcoming September issue on its Instagram page, the former supermodel slammed those who support her father.

Brinkley wrote: “And we all know we can't seriously consider a hate monger as president. Supporting Trump makes you complicit in his racism and bigotry.”


Brinkley, who graced the cover of the magazine several times in the 70s and 80s, is an outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter. In 2015, she attended a Democratic fundraiser in the Hamptons for the former Secretary of State.

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Brinkley’s harsh words came as she announced her year-long relationship with rocker John Mellencamp has come to an end. The two say they will remain friends.

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