Team USA's Golden Girl: How Simone Biles Soared to Success After Bumpy Start in Life

The gymnast was adopted by her grandparents after her mother was unable to care for her.

Simone Biles is an unstoppable force who's thrilling the world with her ability to defy gravity.

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At just 19 years old and standing a mere 4-foot-9 inches tall, Biles has an inspiring story that's touching the hearts of all Olympics fans.

When her mother, Shannon Biles, was unable to care for Simone and her sister  Andria, they were officially adopted by their grandparents, Ron and Nellie Biles, in 2003.

Simone now calls them mom and dad.

Prior to Rio, Ron told ESPN: “It was comfortable. It was family. It was one big happy family." 

Simone added: "I lived a normal kid's life except I was always bouncing all the time."

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The Texas resident arrived at the Olympics having already won more World Championship gold medals than any other gymnast in history. She was also the first African-American to be an all-around champion as well as the first female to win three consecutive world titles.

Former Olympic great Dominique Dawes says no one has ever seen anyone like her.

"She is the most dominant gymnast we have ever seen," Dawes told Inside Edition. "I love the fact that this little girl is full of spunk and energy. I love that she is constantly smiling. She is very genuine. I love that she is warm, friendly, she is not guarded. That attitude goes to her parents." 

Biles took home her first Olympic gold medal Tuesday night with her "Final Five" teammates in the all-around gymnastics competition. 

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