See The Terrifying Moment Lion Cub Attacks Screaming Toddler Live on TV

Things could have gotten so much worse.

A gasp-inducing video shows a lion cub lunging at a toddler, who screams in terror as the animal grabs her leg in its mouth... all on live TV.

The horrifying footage comes from a 2006 installment of the Mexican talk show "Con Sello de Mujer" but it's recently gone viral after surfacing on YouTube.

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It shows the blond-haired little girl sitting on her mother’s lap while sucking on a pacifier and holding a lollipop. The program’s host is talking with two animal trainers. The cub is on a leash.

The lion appears tranquil — until the baby begins to fuss. The animal jumps at the toddler, who begins screaming as her mother yells and tries to pull her daughter away. 

A female trainer grabs the cub and pulls its paw away while the other trainer pries open the lion’s mouth, which is locked on the child’s pants.

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“Relax, relax, relax,” the female trainer tells the child and her mother in Spanish.

No one was hurt. The cub was led off the stage.

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