Quick-Thinking Boaters Scoop Up Little Dog Stranded at Sea

The small boat came to the rescue after the captain of another boat spotted the pup.

At first glance, Ronnie Rock thought he was looking at a seagull.

But the body thrashing about in the Atlantic Ocean off Martha’s Vineyard was actually a dog, struggling to stay afloat.

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Its paws were splashing in the water, Rock told Inside Edition. “I told my first mate we were gonna try to get the dog out of the water.”

But the ferry captain was worried his vessel was too big to get anywhere near the small pooch, so he asked a small boat to come to the dog’s rescue on Monday.

As the smaller boat pulled near the frightened animal, other boaters began to gather, filming the rescue with their cell phones.

And as the dog was pulled from the water, cheers went up.

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Turns out the spaniel named Chesney had fallen into the sea from another ferry.

She was exhausted, but otherwise fine.

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