Zoo's 5 Adorable Dingo Pups Refuse to Sit Still For Photo Shoot

The zoo specifies, "If the puppies get tired, they may need to return to mumma Smudge for a puppy nap."

They may grow up to be ruthless predators, but for now, these newborn dingo pups couldn't be cuter.

Behind-the-scenes footage shared by the Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia shows two young boys posing for photos with the zoo's new litter of purebred dingo pups.

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The five dingoes prove quite a handful for the little boys.

"That was enough photos for one day!" one jokes in the video.

The Wildlife Park welcomed the pups last month as part of its initiative to repopulate the species.

Ever since, the three female and two male pups have been under the protective care of their mother, Smudge, and dad, Bear.

But now the public is getting to cuddle with them, too.

The zoo is welcoming visitors to its "Dingo Puppy Weekend", where they can take their own pictures with the five pups, but, "if the puppies get tired, they may need to return to mumma Smudge for a puppy nap," the zoo warned. 

While the encounter will be one of the first times these dingoes will be displayed at the zoo, officials said it may also be one of the last.

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The pups will remain at the zoo where their parents will teach them how to hunt and socialize, but once they become old enough to leave the pack, they will be relocated to other wildlife parks around Australia.

The zoo is taking part in an effort to repopulate the species because, according to officials, the number of purebred dingoes is quickly falling due to crossbreeding with feral dogs. 

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