In Hot Water: Bikini-Clad Surfer Rides Waves As Volcano Erupts Into the Ocean

Alison Teal has been described as 'the female Indiana Jones.'

One woman found the waves too hot to handle when she was surfing during a volcano eruption, and lava to fell into the Hawaii’s Kamokuna Ocean.

Surfer Alison Teal has been nicknamed “the female Indiana Jones” for her daring feat.

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Teal was in the ocean for a regular ride when suddenly the Kilauea lava flow and the 30-year-old showed no fear as she continued to surf in the water.

Steam rose from the volcano and instead of going away from the natural occurrence, she paddled toward it.

As she was filmed during her adventure, a rainbow suddenly appeared on the horizon adding more natural magic to the experience.

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After the brave feat, she said: "This was a lifelong dream. It was humbling, breath-taking and very hot. I was hoping to catch a wave, however, when I got in close I was hit by a spatter of hardening rock spray and I quickly ducked under water.

"I looked back and noticed a wave was coming and I paddled for my life to get out of the danger zone. Afterwards I was exhilarated and exhausted at the same time. It was absolute endorphin high, but also terrifying—anything could have happened," the surfer wrote.

The Kilauea volcano has been active since 1983 and is part of Hawaii’s Volcano National Park.

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