Homeowner Nearly Steps on 10-Foot Gator in His Garage: 'It Had Blood Over Its Mouth'

"I was freaked out to say the least," Doug Dallmer told Inside Edition.

One Texas homeowner got the surprise of his life when he saw a 10-foot alligator inside his garage.

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Doug Dallmer made the discovery when he went to mow his lawn.

“He scared the hell out of me,” he told Inside Edition. "I took 2 steps into the garage and stepped on the head of a 10-foot alligator." 

He added: “My first reaction was to get out. My second reaction was to check the dogs. We have three dogs and it looked like the gator had blood all over his mouth like he had just eaten something.”

Fortunately, the dogs were fine.

After checking on his pooches, Dallmer called the authorities to help get rid of the 300-pound beast, recording as the massive reptile was removed from his home. 

“We are about a hundred yards from the lake,” Daller told Inside Edition. “Maybe he was looking for shelter or to get out of the heat.”

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Animal control was able to get a handle on the alligator and took it to a gator sanctuary, where he was released.

Animal expert Jim Nesci told Inside Edition that gators in Texas are rare and believes it grew to the size it did because people must have been feeding it.

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