Cop Who Killed Paul O'Neal Said He 'Perceived' Shots From Stolen Jaguar: Report

An officer seen shooting the unarmed teen in widely circulated video says he thought O'Neal reached toward his waistband and fired on him from a car.

The Chicago cop who's seen fatally shooting an unarmed black teen in widely circulated video claims he "perceived" that gunfire came from inside an allegedly stolen Jaguar.

In a police report dated from late last month that emerged Friday, the unnamed officer says he believed 18-year-old Paul O'Neal reached toward his waistband then fired on him from inside a car that was believed to have been stolen.

During the July 28 incident, O’Neal was shot and killed by the Chicago police following a chase in the South Side neighborhood of the city.

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Police were responding to calls of a reported stolen Jaguar. O’Neal was behind the wheel of a Jaguar at the time of the incident when multiple cop cars chased him down a tree-lined street and shot at him.

“During the pursuit offender failed to comply with verbal commands while reaching into his waistband,” reads the report obtained by the Chicago Tribune. "Ro (responding officer) perceived shots to be coming from Of (offender).”

The teen crashed the car into a police vehicle and gave chase on foot. Police followed him and continued to open fire as he ran behind a residential home, where he was fatally shot.

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The teen was put in handcuffs as he succumbed to his wounds.

O'Neal was found to be unamarmed.

Almost the entire incident was caught on body cam; the fatal shot was not on the video. The audio of the shooting can be heard on other body cam videos that have been released.

Three of the officers who responded to the call have been suspended as the department conducts a full investigation. No one has been charged. The Chicago Police Department said they will provide "full cooperation" as the investigations are conducted.

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