Cat With 4 Ears Named Batman Finds New Adopted Home

Batman was so popular he was adopted within hours of being available at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

A mutant cat in Pennsylvania with two sets of ears has a new place to call home this weekend.

Dubbed "Batman" for his four distinctive black ears, the kitty was adopted from the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society just hours after staff made him available.

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According to humane society officials, the rarely seen genetic mutation has been documented back to 1938 in Ashtabula, Ohio, with a four eared cat named Toots.

The mutation has been studied and is argued to be a recessive gene mutation needed from both parents in order to produce four ears, the group said in a Facebook post about Batman.

“As an open door shelter, we take in and care for any animal brought to us. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a four eared cat comes in the door! We are excited Batman is feeling better and look forward to him finding his forever home,” said Hala Nuemah, Managing Director of the Western PA Humane Society.

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Batman was adopted by a little girl and her mother within hours of going up for adoption.

According to the humane society, the little girl just so happens to love super heroes.

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