Couple Kicked Out of Tiny Home After City Officials Deem It Unsuitable For Property It Stands On

Though the pair thought they were getting along with their neighbors, one local resident apparently lodged a complaint that triggered an inspection.

An Oregon couple is being forced out of the tiny home they lived in for months after an inspection triggered by a neighbor’s complaint deemed the house unsuitable for the land it stands on, according to reports.

Claire Teasdale and Bennett Frazier had been living comfortably in a 200-square-foot, 15-foot-wide home on Teasdale’s parents’ Portland property, tucked between an unused garage and a hedge since its completion in October, they told

Though the pair thought they were getting along with their neighbors, one local resident apparently lodged a complaint that triggered an inspection, they said.

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When officials with the city’s Bureau of Development Services spotted wheels on the home, it was deemed a mobile home and in violation of Portland’s single family zoning code when used as a permanent residence, wrote.

The couple had to go.

“Nooooo! The city is evicting us from the tiny house because it has wheels and is ‘too small for living in’!!” Teasdale lamented on Facebook.  

The home can no longer contain food, bedding, clothing, water, electricity or heat, she wrote, noting they were told they could spend “daylight hours” in the dwelling.

“It makes no sense! Portland has declared a housing emergency and has a huge homeless population. We have made our alley-way safer and have been thanked by our neighbors for it, we are gainfully employed and pay all of our taxes, we've cleaned up the yard and forged great relationships with many of the neighbors,” Teasdale wrote.

The couple has until September to move the home to a piece of land meant for a mobile home. They also have the option to alter it and develop the property for the space, which Teasdale estimated could cost them up to $30,000.

“Seems like a city experiencing an extreme housing crisis is targeting the wrong people,” she wrote.

Since the pair were told they had to vacate, they and their dog have been staying with various loved ones, they said. Many were outraged by the couple’s oust and expressed their support for Teasdale and Frazier on social media.

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“The city needs to get up to date with tiny houses! In a city that thrives on in-fill this is a perfect fit!” one friend wrote.

“Both Portland and Seattle are having serious issues with housing and are forcing homeowners to think creatively (such as with tiny houses) and they punish you for creating a solution to a problem that they created and are refusing to fix?!!! Unbelievable!” another person commented. has reached out to the office of Portland Mayor Charlie Hales and the office of Bureau of Development Services and Housing Commissioner Dan Saltzman for comment.

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