Couple's Epic Engagement Photos Feature Caves, Volcanic Rock and an Iceberg: 'We Were Freezing'

Cici and Clement traveled to Iceland for an unforgettable photo shoot.

This couple may have taken the most epic engagement photos of all time.

Jet-setters Cici and Clement wanted an unforgettable photo shoot to capture their love, and they have delivered.

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Cici told Inside Edition: “We want to be able to look back 20, 30, 40 years later and show our kids, our grandkids.”

“It's just something you don't see every day,” Clement added.

The couple headed to picturesque Iceland with a video camera crew and photographers from Life Studios Inc., where they posed in ice caves, beaches, on top of volcanic rock and on an iceberg.

Wild Love - Iceland Engagement Film by Life Studios Inc. from Life Studios Inc Wedding Video on Vimeo.

The couple said they “were freezing” when they posed on the iceberg. Clement added: “They had to have someone carry me up there on the iceberg and it was on the water, that one was one of my most memorable.”

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Cici and Clement say it was actually about -20 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill.

She said: “We could only film a few shots and then I had to put my jacket on and we had heat packs, ear muffs, gloves, scarves. I had to wear my snow pants underneath.”

They may have gotten the shot, but trekking to that ice cave was no easy feat.

Cici added: "We actually had to hike about an hour in like hiking shoes with spikes on the ice with my dress on because we couldn't change there, so it was quite difficult."

The photos were posted to Facebook in May but have been gaining traction in recent days as they spread around social media.

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