Surgeon Featured in TLC Reality Show Returns Overdue Book 'So You Want to Be a Doctor' After 40 Years

A 40-year-old book is finally returned.

Long before he was a renowned plastic surgeon, this reality show doctor was a library scofflaw after failing to return an overdue book for more than 40 years.

Dr. Michael Kelly, Miami plastic surgeon and star of TLC reality series Body Work, was visiting his West Virginia hometown for a high school reunion when he realized a beloved book was way past due.

The book, entitled So You Want To Be a Doctor by Alan E. Nourse, was checked out of the Kanawha County Public Library in 1976 when Dr. Kelly was just 17 years old.

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“The book was a guide to what it takes to get into medical school,” Dr. Kelly told “I was interested in going into medicine so I picked up the book and soon enough, I couldn’t put it down.”

Kelly said he’s always been fascinated with the world of medicine and after reading the book, he knew it was the right career path for him.

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“It went with me from house to house,” said Kelly. “I had it in high school and in college; it went everywhere with me.”

Dr. Kelly returned the book, along with a check for $500 he donated to the library.

According to Marketing and Development Manager, Terry Wooten, the book is now outdated and won’t be returned to the shelf.

Between his Miami practice and the success of Body Work, Dr. Kelly doesn't have much time for library books these days.

"I just use my tablet now," he said. "At least I’ll never have to return that."

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