Some Say Man Heals With A Gaze

Can this man really heal people simply by staring at them? Some say it sounds crazy, but others swear he can really heal by his gaze. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

He is called the gazer.
Through his silent stare, thousands of followers believe he can heal even terminal illnesses just by looking and never uttering a single word.

The 41-year-old from Croatia attracts people by the tens of thousands. He goes by just one name, Braco. At an event he starts by stepping onto a pedestal and then almost trance like, he gazes at each person in the audience for ten solid minutes then without a single word, he just walks away.

During his brief time on stage, some people in the audience are clearly moved.

Audience members praise Braco's methods. One audience member said, "I usually have excruciating pain but the pain was minimized."
"I felt at complete peace and my mind when completely blank," says Hope Landimer.

"I really felt something. I think he really has a gift," adds Wendy Mills.

But are any of these believers really healed? Or is this guy a fraud?

Braco never speaks in public. So his organizer Jane Sibbet speaks for him. She's an actress best known for playing Ross's ex-wife on Friends.

"It sounds crazy, but everywhere I go I see these incredible miracles," says Sibbet.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asks, "Braco's silence only seems to attract more followers and concerns his critics. Do you think there's a danger in people putting faith in this man?"

Sibbet produced a documentary about Braco called The Golden Bridge, which shows Braco attracting tens of thousands of people in his native Croatia.

Now here in America there are more and more believers in the healing power of this piercing gaze.