Woman Whose Son, 6, Allegedly Beat Newborn to Death Was on Reality Show 'I'm Pregnant and... 55 Years Old'

The show followed Kathleen Steele as she prepared for her late-in-life child, who has now murdered his newborn sister.

The Florida woman whose son allegedly beat an infant to death once appeared on a 2010 episode of cable TV’s I’m Pregnant and..., it has been revealed

The episode, entitled "55 Years Old," followed Kathleen Steele and her 64-year-old husband as they prepared for the birth of their late-in-life child, conceived through in-vitro fertilization.

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“There aren't a whole lot of people our age that are having babies,” she said on the show.

Kathleen gave birth to her first child, a healthy son. Her husband died sometime after that, but by using his frozen sperm she gave birth to another son three years later. On July 26, she gave birth to Kathleen Bridget Steele. 

Cops say that same little boy, now 6, killed his baby sister — who was only 13 days old — last week. all three children had been left in a minivan for about 40 minutes, according to authorities.

Police say the beating allegedly occurred while the mother went inside a store to get her cell phone repaired. When she returned, her newborn was apparently dead, allegedly by the hands of the 6-year-old son, who said the baby had been crying. 

Police say the little boy told them what happened. In a press conference Thursday, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said: “The best way I can describe it to you is he pummeled her. He was tossing that baby around like a rag doll.”

The sheriff added: “One of the worst things I’ve ever seen, with especially a 13-day-old, and her appearance was just one of that had been pummeled. The baby was simply beaten, traumatized, gross swelling about her face. The skull was cracked in numerous places.”

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Steele, 62, has been charged with aggravated manslaughter and neglect for allegedly leaving her kids to fend for themselves in the vehicle.

Authorities say the little boy will not be charged because of his age.

“Those of us who have been doing this in this business for a very long time have never seen anything like this,” the sheriff said.

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