Baby's Best Friend: Family Dog Rescues 8-Month-Old Child From Venomous Snake Attack

A brave dog leapt into action to save a toddler.

Man’s best friend just became one family’s biggest hero

Bryan and Alicia Holloway were coming home late from work when they noticed their dog running to their 8-month-old baby, Bryson.

Shiloh, the 7-year-old pooch, leapt into action when he spotted a copperhead snake next to the child's feet.

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“My husband thought Shiloh was trying to get the baby out of trouble,” Alicia told

According to the grateful mother, the responsible canine raced to the toddler’s aid and suddenly started to whimper and whine.

"He jumped back and kind of jumped straight up in the air and yelped a little bit. Then it dawned on me that he literally grabbed that snake... near the baby’s foot," Bryan told WVLT News.

Shiloh suffered from a venomous snake bite and began to scratch repeatedly at his neck.

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The Holloways immediately called an emergency veterinary clinic to save their pup.

“They gave him antibiotics, steroids, and pain relievers,” said Alicia. “He was very ill for a while, but now he’s better than ever!”

The mother of two says Bryson and Shiloh are best friends and are always by each other’s side.

“Bryson’s favorite person in the world is Shiloh,” Alicia said. “After everything that happened, we’re truly grateful for him.”

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