'Kent the Koala' Recovers From Dog Attack and Climbs Back Into the Wild

Kent the Koala climbs again!

"Kent the Koala" is now climbing his way back home after a tumultuous few weeks.

The cuddly joey suffered serious injuries after a vicious dog attack and abandoned in a local park in Australia. 

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The encounter left Kent with several puncture marks after he politely wanted to say hello to the unfamiliar canine, according to HKPS Koala Care and Rescue.

HKPS volunteers were able to rescue Kent and nursed the leaf eater back to health for several weeks until he was healthy enough to be released back into the wild.

The rescuers documented the sweet moment of Kent’s strength and courage in a video posted to the HKPS Facebook page. In it, the marsupial can be seen slowly climbing a tree and settling in a new home.

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Although he was a bit hesitant at first, the volunteers lent the koala a helping hand until he was ready to head up on his own.

Koalas are typically stressed when attacked and almost never survive. Kent’s victorious recovery is nothing short of a miracle — thanks to the love and care of his rescuers.

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