An American Idol Finalist Homeless?

Former American Idol contestant Alex Lambert tweeted that he's been sleeping on the streets, but it turns out his situation may not be what it seemed. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Is an American idol finalist really homeless?

"I've been sleeping on the street," tweeted 20-year-old Alex Lambert, who made it to the final 16 last season.

Since his elimination, he claims he's been down and out: "I've been kinda homeless! Sleeping on the street and behind buildings! I'm usually a strong person but I can't take it anymore!"

American Idol fans were shocked by the tone of desperation in the tweets. But it turns out his situation is not as hopeless as it seems.
"Alex is not homeless. He's getting money every month," says 19 Entertainment.

The production company behind American Idol said, "He's been crashing on friends' couches while looking for an apartment."

American Idol premieres on January 19th.