Shoplifter Wreaks Havoc on Convenience Store After Shopkeeper Asks Her to Return Stolen Candy: Cops

The incident began after the convenience store owner at a Shell gas station approached the woman who put $11 worth of shoplifted candy into her pockets.

A sticky-fingered Florida woman spent nearly 10 minutes trashing a gas station convenience store after she was asked to return the candy bars she allegedly shoplifted. 

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According to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office press release, the convenience store owner at a Shell gas station noticed a woman put $11 worth of shoplifted candy into her pockets without paying.

He confronted the customer, but when she refused to return the items, he locked the doors and wouldn't let her out, cops said Monday.

That's when the woman began destroying the store.

Surveillance footage captured the woman walking down each aisle, and throwing products off the shelves and onto the floor. 

Passersby can be seen peering through the locked doors, concerned.

An employee even follows her down the aisle at one point, attempting to stop her, but quickly gives up as she continued flinging packaged goods past him.

After nearly 10 minutes of wreaking havoc on the convenience store, the shopkeeper finally unlocks the door and the suspect leaves, stepping over the mess she created on the floor.

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Police are now offering a $3,000 reward for anyone with information about the March incident.

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