Rush Limbaugh Criticizes Nicole Kidman

Rush Limbaugh stirs more controversy with his remarks about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban having their new baby through a surrogate. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Rush Limbaugh is lashing out at a surprising target, Nicole Kidman, whose secret baby is the talk of Hollywood.

The conservative radio host took aim at the term "gestational carrier" which the 43-year-old actress and husband Keith Urban used in revealing that a surrogate had carried their biological child, a girl they named Faith.

Limbaugh says, "Gestational carrier. Almost sounds like a disease, and for some women pregnancy is a disease. I mean, the feminazis, of course." Limbaugh didn't stop there. He adds, "I don't know if it was a medical reason for this. Maybe she didn't want to bother with getting pregnant again. I don't know."

Blogger Perez Hilton says, "Ugh! Rush Limbaugh, leave Nicole Kidman alone!"

The new People magazine, out Friday, gives more details about how Kidman kept her baby news a total secret from even close friends.

"They were very keen to preserve as much privacy as they could, and as much private time with their little baby daughter, Faith, as they could. So they really went to great lengths to keep this a secret," according to People insider, Suzanne Zuckerman.

Kidman gave birth two years ago to a daughter, Sunday Rose. Today he has said, "We have been having a wonderful bonding experience with Faith and feel truly blessed."