Squeaking Havoc: Boy Whistles With Every Breath After Swallowing Part of Dog Toy

The mishap sent this boy to the emergency room.

A young boy found himself in the hospital after swallowing part of a dog toy.

The boy, identified as Anthony, was filmed as he lay in his hospital bed, wheezing and squeaking while the tiny noisemaker remained lodged in his body.

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When asked what happened by the woman behind the camera, he said: “I inhaled the doggy toy.”

She asked: “How can you tell?”

He gave a deadpan look at the camera and began breathing, as he inhaled and exhaled, the noise of a squeaky toy came out of his body.

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Inside a rubber dog toy is a small plastic whistle that creates the sound. It is possible for the piece to be swallowed should the toy come apart.

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