Cabin Crew, Prepare For Delivery! Woman Gives Birth During Flight

A passenger said she only noticed what was going on when flight attendants announced they needed medical assistance halfway through the red-eye flight.

It was a case of cabin pressure for one crew aboard a red-eye flight as a woman went into labor before reaching her final destination.

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A passenger on the Cebu Airlines plane, Missy Berberabe Umandal, told most of the passengers were groggy or asleep during the flight from Dubai to the Philippines.

But about five hours into the flight, a pregnant woman a few seats away began having contractions, despite being two months away from her due date.

"The flight attendant announced that they were in need of nurses and doctors," Umandal said. "The entire cabin crew looked slightly panicked."

Eventually, two nurses emerged among the passengers, and brought the woman, who was already crowning, into a more spacious area of the plane.

The woman pushed only once before her baby was born.

Umandal said she believes she overheard the new mom naming her baby "Haven."

According to her Facebook post, which has now gone viral, flight attendants filled a basin with mineral water to clean the baby off while other parents with infants on the flight offered baby clothes and blankets to the first-time mom.

Because the baby was born two months premature, the captain decided to make an emergency landing in India.

What was supposed to be a 9-hour-long flight became 18 hours in total travel time, but Umandal said she didn't hear a single complaint from fellow passengers.

"As Filipinos, we are known for helping each other in any sort of situation even if we do not share the same blood," Umandal told "One old lady even tried to hand some money to the grandmother of the baby."

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As for the nationality of the baby, Umandal said she believed the newborn would carry a Philippines passport since she was born on a Phillippines-owned airline. Her birth place and time of birth would depend on the initial location the plane touched down, which was India. has reached out to Cebu Airlines to find out whether the newborn would get free flights for life, but initial calls have not been returned. 

Either way, Umandal said it was a beautiful moment to witness. 

"I didn't expect that a simple plane ride would change the way I view everything and everyone around me," she said. "It was a blessing for all of us, truly."

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