Mother Fuming After Her 2-Year-Old Son Viciously Attacked by Peacock at Local Park

City officials say another child was attacked by a peacock about a year ago, but there are no plans to remove the birds from the park.

A Florida mother is outraged after her 2-year-old son was left bloodied and scarred in a vicious attack by a peacock in a public park.

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Laura Brown of Apopka said she and her son arrived at Magnolia Park just before noon, hoping to spend a day playing in the sun.

"We got out of the car and the peacocks came to us," Brown said in an interview with WKMG. "I look down for one second, and I turned around and the peacock was on top of his head with its talons, flapping his wings."

The mom rushed over to help, but the bird wouldn't back off, she said.

Moments later, the 2-year-old was bloodied, and wounded. His mom said the peacock's claws tore through her boy's head, and one of the scratches narrowly missed his eye.

"It was just so scary to see your child in the talons of a peacock," Brown said.

Brown immediately took her son to an urgent care facility, where doctors used surgical glue to close the gash. Little Jackson will also be taking antibiotics for the next week.

While the scars will heal, little Jackson appears to be traumatized by the attack, repeating, "not nice birdie."

"He's going to be scared by peacocks for the rest of his life," Orange County Public Information Officer Doreen Overstreet speculated to after hearing about the attack. "They're so pretty, but I've heard peacocks are really feisty."

Overstreet said Magnolia Park, home to 12 peacocks, is the only park in the region with peacocks. She said she is not sure how they got there.

"Patrons do feed the peacocks," Overstreet said. "This does cause wildlife to become too comfortable around people." 

While the city has no plans to banish the peacocks, she told they are working with park rangers to set up temporary signs warning people not to interact with the wildlife, before permanent signs are installed.

"We're monitoring the options," Overstreet said. 

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But, the concerned mother said that's not enough: "I think that having an animal around where the children's play equipment that has already attacked a child, that's unacceptable."

According to Overstreet, another child was pecked by a peacock about a year ago.

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