Junked Mail: Postal Worker Filmed Throwing Crate of Letters in Dumpster

A Florida postal worker made an unscheduled delivery in a Dumpster as surveillance cameras rolled.

It looks like a Florida postal worker made an unscheduled delivery over the weekend, but no one was home to accept it.

Because it wasn't to a home or business, it was to a Dumpster.

Caught in surveillance footage that has members of the community outraged and the entire internet grumbling, the postal worker appeared to toss out an entire crate of mail after driving straight up to a Dumpster in the Fort Myers area Saturday.

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The mail was dumped behind a restaurant owned by Louie Rondao, who witnessed the incident.

Among the trashed mail were flyers purchased by a local realtor plus about a dozen personal letters, WINK reports. Not knowing what to do with all the mail, Rondao called the post office. 

Rondao handed over footage of the incident to investigators on Monday.

While an investigation is ongoing, the mail carrier in question has been identified and terminated, officials say.

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She had been on the job just six months, officials say. As a rather new employee, she was often a substitute mail carrier who didn't always follow a single route.

While stressing that the majority of its mail carriers are dedicated and law abiding, the U.S. Postal Service says 1,607 theft, delay and destruction investigations involving mail were undertaken in fiscal year 2015.

Of those, 493 arrests were made and 1,220 administrative actions taken.

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