Desperate 911 Call Released in Frat Boy Face-Eating Attack: 'I Am Bleeding Profusely'

A neighbor was stabbed in the back as he came to the aid of the slain couple.

A 911 call from an injured good Samaritan captures the desperate moments he spent trying to stop a crazed man who was attacking his neighbors, authorities said.

“There is a girl laying on the ground, he beat her up,” Jeff Fisher told the Florida dispatcher. “I ran over there. I am bleeding profusely here at the moment.”

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Fisher was stabbed five times while trying to save neighbors Michelle Mishcon, and John Stevens, who were stabbed to death as they sat in their garage by a college student who also ate Steven’s face, according to Martin County Sheriff deputies.

Austin Harrouff, 19, was incoherent and making "animal-like noises" when deputies arrested him at the couple’s Jupiter home.

He is hospitalized in serious condition, possibly from ingesting so-called bath salts or flakka, which can cause psychotic behavior and increased physical strength.

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Deputies said they had to use a service dog and several Taser rounds to get Harrouff to stop tearing Steven’s face.

The attack was apparently random, deputies said.

Harrouff’s parents called 911 the same night, saying their son was exhibiting strange behavior and had stomped out of a restaurant in a rage before the attack.

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